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Strong Characters, Big Adventures 60 minutes in length

Creating Complex Characters 60 minutes in length

Creating A Plot You Can Be Proud Of 60 -120 minutes in length

An in-depth look at characterization. This presentation is perfect for beginning to advanced writers at the high school level and above looking to refine their character development.

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Publishing Boot Camp 60 minutes in length

This presentation focuses on traditional publishing. It is a practical guide for aspiring writers on prepping a manuscript for publication, finding and querying literary agents, and what to expect when working with publishing houses. Perfect for writers at the high school level or above looking to publish their work.

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Tackling Revisions 60 minutes in length

This presentation takes an in depth look at techniques we use to revise our novels. Attendees will leave with concrete strategies to successfully polish their work.

Writer's Workshop 60-80 minutes in length

An add-on to the above presentations. Participants bring a writing sample to be work-shopped. It can be no longer than five pages in length, sent to the YA Chicks via email no later than three weeks before the scheduled workshop date. Participants will be separated into three groups, each led by one to two YA Chicks.

Customize Your Event

Choose one or more presentation from the list below. We offer presentations geared towards schools, writers groups, conferences, festivals, and libraries, but if you do not see one that meets your needs, we can create an original presentation for your visit upon request. 

The Writing Process 60 minutes in length

This presentation gives an overview of the writing process. How do you come up with an idea and develop it into a novel? We explain the steps and give you practical tips you can use right away.

Create Courage 60 minutes in length                                  ******Keynote Presentation

This presentation is an inspirational look at the obstacles we each overcame to make our dreams of getting published a reality. Perfect for those who would like a motivational/keynote type presentation geared towards teens or writers. Appealing to anyone who is searching for ways to get inspired about finding and fulfilling their own unique dreams.

Voice in Fiction 60-80 minutes in length

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