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How to Prepare for a Visit with The YA Chicks.

Lucienne Diver

Lynne Matson

Just booked a visit with The YA Chicks and wondering how to get the most of your visit? Here is a list of things you can do to help acquaint your audience with the Chicks and their books. 

1. If possible purchase a few copies of the YA Chicks' books for your media center/classroom(s) so that students might have a chance to check them out before the event. 

2. Have students view the introductory video that introduces the authors and their books found on this site.

3. Hang copies of The YA Chicks official visit poster at your school or venue.

4. Have them view book trailers for the Chicks' books.

5. Download the pre-visit activity guide and choose all or some of the activities in the weeks leading up to your visit.

6. Send home the Official YA Chicks book pre-order form (sent directly to you by the Chicks after the event is set) and set a date for the orders to be returned. Email the Chicks the orders no later than three weeks ahead of your visit to ensure that the order can be filled in time for your visit.

7. Publicize your event. Some suggestions: distribute a newsletter, showcase the Chicks' books in the media center, send a press release or letter to your local media announcing the event and invite them to attend. 

8. The week of your visit send home the Official YA Chicks Official Book Sale form (sent via email to you by the Chicks upon event booking) to remind your audience that books will be available for purchase the day of the event.

9. Make sure to have the equipment the Chicks need for their presentation available: adequate space for your audience, a large screen, sound, a lap top, 3 chairs, 1 or more microphones if the venue is larger than a classroom/media center, 3 bottles of water, and a table to display/sell books. **Also remember to give the Chicks an emergency contact number they can use in case they have to reach you quickly prior to the event. 

10. On the day of the event be sure to have assigned photographers to capture special moments and consider posting social media using your dedicated school/event  hashtag and the YA Chicks' (#YAChicks).

The Chicks' presentations are informative, fun, and inspiring, but you play an essential part in their success! The more you do to prepare  your audience, the more meaningful the visit will be. 

Official YA Chicks Event Package!

Download all the forms/videos/images you need right here!

Event Poster-Coming Soon

High Resolution Author Photos

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